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Dec 28, 2010

The Dra'can

“We aren’t vampires. You’d better accept that right now. We don’t eat blood, we simply need it to survive. Just like you humans. We have this condition… blood somehow disappears from our veins, and when injured we bleed profusely. If we manage to keep from getting hurt, which is harder for us than you humans because our skin is thinner, we can go about a month without having to add more blood to our systems. The thing is, we do have to get that blood somewhere. That’s where you humans come in. We’ll find someone to be a donor of sorts. After a month we’re pretty weak, and need every drop we can get from a person. And the blood has to be fresh… no scavenging after battles. The human mustn’t die before their blood is ours.
Humans cannot become one of us. They die after their blood is gone, of course. And it’s impossible for a human to mate with a Dra’can. We have enough troubles reproducing of our own kind. Half-breeds do not exist. It’s not a disease you humans can catch. It can’t be spread. It’s just the way we are.

I found a very kind man once. I would have taken him for my mate if it were possible. He willingly gave up his blood, once a week. It seems that if we add the blood more often, we need less of it. He barely stayed alive, but he kept me alive as well. Alas, I was wounded very badly one day, and he gave his life to save me.

That’s why you’re here, my friend. I don’t enjoy killing innocent people, but it must be done. There’s no other way for my kind to live. 

And really, when you think about it, we’re no different from you.” She smiled coldly. “You humans do whatever it takes to live. No regard for others. This is simply a physical manifestation of that, when you think about it. The will to live drives all of us. I must say, though… this is a need for us. You humans and your selfish desires almost make me not care that you must die for us.”

Vilissë wrote:
How long can they live? (i.e. are they immortal if they can keep enough blood or can they die from old age?)

I would say not much longer than most humans, although it's a little easier to kill them.

Vilissë wrote:
Why only human blood? Why not animal blood?

The thought never occurred to me :P And it reminds me too much of the "vegetarian" vampires from Twilight.

Vilissë wrote:
Do they eat anything other than blood?

Yes, they still eat anything a human would.

Vilissë wrote:
Do people know about them or are they secretive?

People have heard of them, but they Dra'can can blend in with the humans if they need to, and a lot of them do.

Vilissë wrote:
What's their role in the world? Do they just go around trying to keep enough blood or do they actually have skills or abilities?

I haven't worked out where they live or what other races are near them, but I'm thinking that some of them protect the people that live near them or venture into their land. The ones that live with the humans have jobs like they would, and some of them are hired as assassins. Maybe...

Griffin wrote:
Creepy. I guess there aren't many out there or humans wouldn't last long.

No, there aren't a lot of them, and they don't go around killing humans for the fun of it.

Griffin wrote:
How do they kill the humans, I mean if there more easily hurt wouldn't the "donor" kill them?

Good point... hmm. *thinks*

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