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Apr 6, 2011

Alright... As is obvious, I don't post here much. I've decided I don't have the time or inspiration to handle two blogs (heck, I can barely keep up with one properly ::blush::), so as of now this blog is dormant. Dead, almost. I'll keep it around for a little while in case I find I need it, but there won't be any posts, and I may end up deleting it.
That is all.

Apr 4, 2011

Writing is a funny thing...
I have several WIPs, because I tire of one thing so I take a break and move on to another story. Add to that the various ideas I have, there's a lot I could write.
After NaNoWriMo last year (which didn't go so well), I started writing a story to post on the Holy Worlds fantasy forum. I wanted to see what others thought of my writing, since I never really share much. I was thrilled to death when people seemed to enjoy it.
Having said that... I don't know why, but I've taken a break from that and began the rewrite of NaNo 2009's novel --the one thing I've finished, since it was my first real writing project. A chapter or so in, I realized that with all the changing I was doing, and having gotten a better idea of what I want my world (which still needs a name... >.>) to be like, I needed to do some worldbuilding. I set a goal of writing at least 30K in this rewrite by the end of April, but so far I've only written a few hundred words.
The good thing is that I have been working on said world more lately. It had been a bit neglected, which wasn't very good since it was almost entirely undeveloped. My skill in naming things isn't the greatest, but I have named three of the continents (there is the task of re-doing the map, though) finally. Microsoft OneNote is an amazing tool for organizing all my writing stuff, and it also makes worldbuilding a wee bit easier.
Earlier today I finished summaries of the last two ages of the world. I've found I do enjoy writing history, although the earlier ages are really vague and therefore will be harder to write. The problem earlier was finding a stopping point. Nothing sounded like an "end of the world" that I could be happy with. The war prophesied from the beginning just didn't work out. I ended up with a few people surviving somehow, and begging to not have to wander aimlessly. By the time they faded, there is a small population again. So, there's an ending, but there isn't =P It satisfies me for now, at least. I can stop writing and it doesn't feel unfinished, and there's still room to write more afterwards later (I think there could definitely be some interesting sci-fi stories in that setting).
I've also developed the races a bit more, and I'm still contemplating adding another small planet that is entirely different. It's one of those things that seems like it should (in a writing sense) be there, almost. The thing is, I don't know what I'd do with it.

I'm going to try to stick to my group of WIPs for now and not add any more projects until I get some finished (or, the current draft at least). After worldbuilding some more, I'll get back to this rewrite, and then a different WIP when I tire of or finish it.
But don't we always say that... XD

Mar 28, 2011

Dragon-Riding. A Wonderfully Morbid Drabble. *grins*

Rushing wind, cold and exciting.
Scales beneath my hands,
Nothing beneath my feet
But empty space and the ground below.

The roar of crowds
And of dragons alike.
A stirring of nervousness
Excitement; fear.

Shifting nervously.
Awaiting the sound.
That signals the beginning.
Knowing the end is near at hand.
Expecting death.
Wishing for life.

Wings beat the air.
Hold on tightly.
The rush of wind
Cooling my sweating hands.

Turning through the air.
Feeling unstoppable.

The dragon twists suddenly.
Losing my grip.

Braced for impact.
My last thought;
Wondering what death is like.

Crunching bones.
Blood everywhere.


Mar 23, 2011

Beautiful People Blog Meme

First off, I apologize for not posting much lately.

I found a monthly blog thing HERE and it sounded perfect for this blog. I'm going to use the main character from the novel I'm currently re-writing.
(Did I mention I've decided to begin editing my NaNo 2009 novel? Nope, didn't think so. Well, I am now =P)

What is their full name? uhh.... I'm still working on that =P

Does his or her name have a special meaning? .....

Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality? Definitely methodical.

Does he or she think inside themselves more than they talk out loud to their friends? (more importantly, does he or she actually have friends?) She has very few friends, and isn't the type to open up to them anyhow.

Is there something he or she is afraid of? darkness, uncertainty, change

Does he or she write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph? Dreaming often; dancing and singing

What is his or her favorite book? (or genre of books) She doesn't really do a lot of reading. All nonfiction if she were to read.

Who is his or her favorite author and/or someone that inspires him or her? No books, remember? =P

Favorite flavor of ice cream? there is no such thing in her world (sadly enough)

Favorite season of the year? fall

Dec 28, 2010


the moon


This is from a fairly old thread...


Grisnok: I believe my author would say we are kind of like Dwarves, but I don't think so.

Me: Well, that's where I originally got the idea... I stink at naming things, so "Chaiden" probably sounds weird, but anyway. *whispers* Don't tell him this, but I just needed something to get rid of my writer's block. Making a new race seemed to be the way to go. And it seemed to help. I needed more people in my world besides Elves and Men anyway...

Grisnok: I heard that! Anyway, I am about three feet tall, have thick black hair (no beard!) and clear blue eyes. Others of my race look similar, although they have varying eye and hair color. We have special stones that we keep in the king's tower that we use to watch the kings of each race. The stones glow when the king or his family is in trouble, dying, or are going to war. This helps us because if there is going to be a war, we know to stay hidden in the mountains --not underground, mind you-- to protect our family. If we choose to, we might decide to help the person in need, if we decide they need help. Sometimes when there is a war, we decide to help. If the battle takes place in the mountains, we usually just hide behind rocks and throws rocks and bursts of what you might call magic --just a skill we are born with, really. If the battle takes place elsewhere, we usually turn invisible --again, nothing to do with magic, we are just born with that power-- and help there if we choose to. Sometimes we choose a side and help them win --which is how many of the world's great battles were won, although we don't take the credit for it-- and sometimes we just keep things even. If neither side has a good reason for fighting, we don't allow either side to win, and eventually they both have to retreat.
We Chaidens live for a very long time, even compared to the Elves. Some people say we are immortal, but I can assure you that isn't true. We just have very long lifespans and are good at preserving ourselves. Our invisibility and the fact we keep ourselves safe at all times help us to live longer. I myself am 5000 years old, but I'm still quite young.
We are very strong, and our weapon of choice is a hammer with a cylindrical head about ten inches long and five inches thick. We can kill a grown man in mere seconds if angered.
The Elves are always trying to capture us. They think we're rich and powerful and would make good slaves, although I don't know where they got that idea. We actually give the riches we find in the mountains away, but don't tell anyone else that because then they would come to us begging for money.
I think that's about it, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Me: Oh, and if you haven't noticed, Chaidens also have a tendency to ramble on and on, and often get off topic. Don't be too hasty or jump to conclusions about anything they say, though. Makes them a bit mad.
They are good natured, they just don't show it.

They generally live a couple thousand years, and can be killed like any other people. They generally only use their invisibility when they are helping other races and don't want to be discovered. When they fight their own battles, they don't use that advantage. They believe in extreme fairness (like they have a strange custom of making anyone they help serve them for five hundred years [or fifty years if that person is of a race that can't live that long], although only if that person saw them and allowed them to help, and that person cannot die of old age during that time).

Grisnok: We don't take credit for our victories because we don't want people constantly coming to us for help or trying to kill us for helping their enemies. If they need help, we will help them, but we put ourselves in as little danger as possible. Yes, we worship God. We know he made us and everyone and everything else. Our "powers", as you call them, are something we are born with. "Bursts of magic", which is what others call it, are more or less balls of light we can throw at people. It's rather hard to explain, and more powerful than I make it sound.

Me: Believe me, he could tell you, but I have other things to do at the moment, so I'm forcing him to give short answers.

Grisnok: No, there are no slaves at the moment because we have learned to be very careful. I do not argue with the Elves I am traveling with because they acknowledge the fact that they are servants --which basically means they will be living among us and working for us-- and they treat me as equal. They are much younger than me, and respect me, although I've overheard a few comments about how "amusing" I am. Where they get that idea, I do not know. The lady knew nothing of the Chaiden or their relationships with the Elves, having grown up in the village of Men, so she doesn't have their ideas hammered into her head as others do. The Dark Elf has not been around the other Elves, and his race doesn't treat Chaidens the same as Elves do, though they are the same kind.

The Dra'can

“We aren’t vampires. You’d better accept that right now. We don’t eat blood, we simply need it to survive. Just like you humans. We have this condition… blood somehow disappears from our veins, and when injured we bleed profusely. If we manage to keep from getting hurt, which is harder for us than you humans because our skin is thinner, we can go about a month without having to add more blood to our systems. The thing is, we do have to get that blood somewhere. That’s where you humans come in. We’ll find someone to be a donor of sorts. After a month we’re pretty weak, and need every drop we can get from a person. And the blood has to be fresh… no scavenging after battles. The human mustn’t die before their blood is ours.
Humans cannot become one of us. They die after their blood is gone, of course. And it’s impossible for a human to mate with a Dra’can. We have enough troubles reproducing of our own kind. Half-breeds do not exist. It’s not a disease you humans can catch. It can’t be spread. It’s just the way we are.

I found a very kind man once. I would have taken him for my mate if it were possible. He willingly gave up his blood, once a week. It seems that if we add the blood more often, we need less of it. He barely stayed alive, but he kept me alive as well. Alas, I was wounded very badly one day, and he gave his life to save me.

That’s why you’re here, my friend. I don’t enjoy killing innocent people, but it must be done. There’s no other way for my kind to live. 

And really, when you think about it, we’re no different from you.” She smiled coldly. “You humans do whatever it takes to live. No regard for others. This is simply a physical manifestation of that, when you think about it. The will to live drives all of us. I must say, though… this is a need for us. You humans and your selfish desires almost make me not care that you must die for us.”

Vilissë wrote:
How long can they live? (i.e. are they immortal if they can keep enough blood or can they die from old age?)

I would say not much longer than most humans, although it's a little easier to kill them.

Vilissë wrote:
Why only human blood? Why not animal blood?

The thought never occurred to me :P And it reminds me too much of the "vegetarian" vampires from Twilight.

Vilissë wrote:
Do they eat anything other than blood?

Yes, they still eat anything a human would.

Vilissë wrote:
Do people know about them or are they secretive?

People have heard of them, but they Dra'can can blend in with the humans if they need to, and a lot of them do.

Vilissë wrote:
What's their role in the world? Do they just go around trying to keep enough blood or do they actually have skills or abilities?

I haven't worked out where they live or what other races are near them, but I'm thinking that some of them protect the people that live near them or venture into their land. The ones that live with the humans have jobs like they would, and some of them are hired as assassins. Maybe...

Griffin wrote:
Creepy. I guess there aren't many out there or humans wouldn't last long.

No, there aren't a lot of them, and they don't go around killing humans for the fun of it.

Griffin wrote:
How do they kill the humans, I mean if there more easily hurt wouldn't the "donor" kill them?

Good point... hmm. *thinks*

Nov 25, 2010

I apologize for my lack of posts. I regret to say I've given up on NaNoWriMo, seeing as I've fallen hopelessly behind. However, I did work on some worldbuilding stuff today, and hopefully I'll have something to post soon. I also have another character to introduce, and I'll try to put together a couple posts to post sometime next week.

So please just be patient with me! XD

Nov 13, 2010

NaNoWriMo Insanity 11/13

Me: She's ran out of motivation!

Aeron: I hope she finds more soon... I'm tired of sitting around...

Ashley: Syleh, what are you guys doing in there?

Me: Nothing...

Ashley: *walks into room* Hey, why does your name say "me"? I look like I'm insane!

Me Syleh: Sorry...

Me: Much better.