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Mar 28, 2011

Dragon-Riding. A Wonderfully Morbid Drabble. *grins*

Rushing wind, cold and exciting.
Scales beneath my hands,
Nothing beneath my feet
But empty space and the ground below.

The roar of crowds
And of dragons alike.
A stirring of nervousness
Excitement; fear.

Shifting nervously.
Awaiting the sound.
That signals the beginning.
Knowing the end is near at hand.
Expecting death.
Wishing for life.

Wings beat the air.
Hold on tightly.
The rush of wind
Cooling my sweating hands.

Turning through the air.
Feeling unstoppable.

The dragon twists suddenly.
Losing my grip.

Braced for impact.
My last thought;
Wondering what death is like.

Crunching bones.
Blood everywhere.



Sunny Smith said...

Well that's certainly morbid!
Haha, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ahaha, that's terrible! *grins*

Ashley said...

*laughs* Thank you :)